The Importance of Giving Your Pet a Dog Tag

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Every dog owner knows how sad it would be to lose a pet and surely you will do anything to protect your pet from all dangers. The importance of providing your pet with a dog tag may be obvious – it greatly increases the chance of your dog being reunited with you in case it gets lost.  Of course, pet tags are not just for dogs but for cats too!

A typical dog tag bears the dog’s name, home address, and the owner’s phone or mobile number.  These details should be engraved on the tag to make sure that all information will be visible when it is most needed.  For this reason, sterling silver and brass dog tags are popular among pet owners.  

A pet wearing a tag indicates that it belongs to its owner, and that it has a loving home to return to.  Aside from the dog tag, it’s also important to choose a matching collar that will securely stay on your dog until it’s safely home.  However, see to it that the collar comfortably fits on your dog, not too tight or too lose either. 

The aesthetic attributes of a dog tag such as the color, shape and design should be secondary factors.  Always consider your dog’s comfort and safety, before anything else.  A most recent innovation for pet lovers is the Virtual Leash, which was introduced in the market in May 2010 by Jack Carrier, owner of a company that offers dog tags for dogs and custom dog tags for dogs.

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