Featured Dog Shop: The Olive Crow

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I'm happy to start the year with a post featuring a wonderful shop for dog lovers and pet owners called The Olive Crow. Diane Croston, is the owner and she personally designs and creates all the items you see from the shop.  She is a big supporter of pet adoption and is a proud owner of two beautiful, adopted dogs.  

In this interview, Diane tells us how she started her business, some challenges she encountered and how she successfully got through.  She also introduces us to Scout and June, tells the story behind their adoption, and shares some tips for people who are planning to adopt a pet.

How old is your shop?
I opened my shop last February but did not start listing anything until the end of March!

What’s the inspiration behind your shop name?
I threw around a couple of names until I decided on The Olive Crow.  I wanted to use crow in my title because it is a family nickname, but had a hard time with the rest of the name.  My sister suggested olive due to my skin tone color and that was it I loved it!

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