How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing and Destroying Your Things

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One of the most common complaints from dog owners is that their dog chews on things that it’s not supposed to such as their favorite sneakers, socks, throw pillows, carpet, books, and furniture. Obviously, such behavior isn't good and should not be tolerated. Not only is it an annoying habit, but it can also put your pet’s safety at risk. A dog with a habit of chewing on anything it sees might accidentally swallow or deliberately eat sharp objects which can damage its internal organs, or in some cases, might even cause death. What can you do to correct the problem?

First, it's important to know that chewing is a normal behavior during the puppy stage. The reason why puppies chew is because they're going through the teething process. During this time their gums would feel painful, itchy, and uncomfortable. Puppies have a tendency to chew on any object they see because they want to be relieved of their discomfort.  Needless to say, chewing should be controlled and eliminated by the time their teeth have fully developed. Adult dogs should have completely overcome this habit.

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Find out the root of the problem. There are many possible causes why some dogs develop inappropriate chewing habit.  If your dog is past the puppy stage and hasn't yet overcome the habit of chewing, the problem could be medical. In some cases, a gastrointestinal problem could trigger excessive chewing and the only way to know for sure is to undergo lab tests and seek a professional diagnosis. Visit your vet in order to rule out medical issues.

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