How to Give Your Dog A Spa Treatment

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Spa treatment for dogs? Is it really necessary? Today, you can find many companies offering unique pet services like spa treatment for dogs. But if you don’t intend to splurge, you can still give your dog the pampering he'll enjoy through a home spa treatment.

All you need to prepare are the basic bathe essentials and accessories for dogs like dog shampoo, dog soap, comb or brush, a non-slip mat, hair detangler spray, and dog conditioner.

Remember, don’t use human bathing products on pets as these could be too strong or may cause allergies or side-effects.

What’s the difference between a regular bathe and a dog spa treatment? Instead of just the regular wash and rinse routine, make your dog more comfortable by giving him a body massage. Don’t forget to keep your dog’s favorite treat on hand, especially if your dog’s behaving really well. Remember to give plenty of compliments as a reward for good behavior.

Play a relaxing music to calm your dog. Why not? A nice, relaxing music can have a calming effect not just on humans but on dogs as well. After a relaxing massage, it’s time for a shampoo and wash. Use a dog conditioner afterwards to make his coat brighter and shinier. There are special conditioners for dogs with aromatic scents like lavender and butter which are great for a dog’s skin and fur.

Do not blow dry your dog’s coat as the heat can be too harsh and may cause dog itching. (Check online shops for products that are made to cure itchy skin or dry skin.) Instead, use a clean towel and gently wipe off excess water from your dog’s hair. Let it air dry for a few minutes and using a clean brush or detangler, comb your dog's coat gently.

Giving your dogs a weekly or monthly home spa treatment is a nice way to bond with them and of course, to keep them itch-free, clean, healthy and happy.

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