Are You Ready to Take Care of a Dog?

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For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to take care of a dog but because of two personal reasons (lack of space & insufficient budget), I decided to postpone my plan and get a dog when I’m really ready. Are you ready to take care of a dog? Ask yourself these questions before making a BIG decision:

Do you have time? If you don’t believe that dogs need love and attention, then you should not get a dog at all. If you find it hard to keep up with your schedules and you’re not home most of the time, it wouldn’t be right to have a dog and just to leave it lonely and bored at home. Dogs that are often neglected can develop behavioral problems. Like people, dogs need to socialize too!

Do you have the budget? Taking care of a dog can be costly, especially for larger breeds. You need to set aside enough budget for your dog’s daily food consumption, dog supplies (dog soap, dog shampoo, toothpaste for dogs, dog toys, dog treats, etc), vaccinations, and regular medical check-ups. Some breeds may need specialized grooming attention. So ask yourself, does your budget allow you to take care of a pet?

Do you love or like dogs at all? Some people want to own a dog merely to protect their homes from burglars. But a dog is not a security device. Like people, dogs need to be treated with love and care. Again, dogs that are not properly trained and cared for may become aggressive or violent. This could pose a serious danger to your family. So if you're getting a dog for the wrong reasons, forget about it.

Is your family ready for a dog? If you have kids, it’s important that they understand what is involved in caring for a dog. Having a dog at home can be a great training for children –they learn that animals should be taken care of and they learn that having a pet is a responsibility. However, never leave your kids alone with your dog or puppy as they could unintentionally hurt the dog or it can be the other way.

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