Adopt and Save a Dog’s Life

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It is estimated that around 8 to10 million dogs and cats arrive in animal shelters each year. Among them, only half would survive and 4 to 5 million would be put to sleep or euthanized. Adopting a pet means giving a dog or a cat a second chance to live and enjoy life. And those dogs and cats are yearning for a family to come home to.

Why Adopt Your Pet Dog
Some people are hesitant to get a pet from shelter because they think that all animals in rescue homes have behavioral problems or have been discarded by their owners because they’ve been bad. This is a common misconception about dogs in shelters.

On the contrary, many of these dogs and cats were left homeless because of unfortunate circumstances. Some animals once belonged to families who have been victims of tragedies, some were lost, some were put in shelters by their owners because they moved to another State or country, and some have been given up by their owners just because they were not ready to take care of a pet.

Some people think that animals in shelters are sickly but many dogs and cats in rescue homes are healthy and are waiting for a family to bring them home.  Some animals may have disabilities and they may need more care, but their disabilities do not make them any less worthy for adoption.

Shelters also provide vaccinations and medical care to ensure that a dog is suitable for adoption. Many of them have already been spayed or neutered. In fact, adopting a pet from a shelter is so much less expensive than buying from a breeder or a pet store.

Don’t Support Puppy Mills
Puppy mills are dog-breeding facilities that supply pet stores with puppies that have been raised and treated under poor conditions. Puppy mill operators do not care about dogs.  All they care about is the profit and the money they can make from selling dogs. Once a dog isn’t anymore fit for breeding, they are simply discarded, sold at auctions or killed.

Puppy mills will continue to operate as long as there are people who support them or purchase from pet stores and online pet shops. By adopting a pet, you will not be supporting abusive puppy mills and would be saving a life instead.

Are You Ready to Care for a Dog?
Make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities of being a pet owner. A dog does not only need food and shelter, but more importantly, a dog needs attention, love and protection. In return, you can find fulfillment and happiness in adopting a dog.

Dogs have a way of making people smile and feel lighter. Coming home to a happy wagging dog’s tail can ease tension from a hard day’s work. Because of their ability to connect with humans, many hospitals introduce pet therapy to patients who need cheering up. Medical tests prove that spending even just a few minutes with a dog or walking with a dog can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation, and improve a person’s overall well-being.

Most of all, having a dog can be a very enriching and meaningful experience. It is a lasting companionship and many dog owners can attest to this fact.

Choose the Right Pet to Adopt
When you visit an animal shelter, you will find that most are mixed-breeds and about a third are purebred. Remember, being a mixed-breed does not mean that a dog is less smart or less lovable. Mixed-breed pets are worthy of a loving home, too.

What really matters is to choose a dog breed that can best “adopt” to your lifestyle. Are you an active person? Then you may want to get a dog with a higher energy level. If you’re a home buddy, then you need a dog that doesn’t require much running and exercise. Do you live in an apartment or do you live in a bigger home? Do you need a larger breed or would a smaller dog breed be a better choice?

Many animal rescue organizations provide adoption counseling not only to help you choose the right dog breed but to help you get to know your new dog better as well. Even if you’re looking for a particular breed, don’t just buy from a pet store or a breeder. Instead, get in touch with an animal welfare organization first who can help you find the dog you want.

If you live in New Jersey, you may get in touch with the New Jersey Aid for Animals or check out this blog.  In the Philippines, you can adopt a pet dog from PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society). Please check this page if you are interested in adopting.

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