Choosing the Right Feeder or Dog Bowl

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When buying a feeder for your dog, don’t simply buy a cheap one. Choose a dog bowl that is safe, durable and made for your dog. Since dogs come in different sizes and dogs have different personalities, certain dog bowls are made for specific breeds.

It’s important to choose a dog bowl that’s easy to clean, chew-resistant, spill-proof, and one that doesn’t tip off. Consider the following factors when buying a feeder for your pet dog:

The Right Shape. Make sure that your dog’s feeding bowl does not block his vision while eating or drinking. If you have a dog with a short snout, you may choose a shallow bowl.

Meanwhile, taller dogs need taller bowls. A tapered bowl with a wide base will also keep it from moving around or tipping off. If your dog doesn’t seem comfortable with his feeder, perhaps you got a bowl in the wrong shape.

The Right Size. Dog bowls can either be small, medium or large to match small, medium and larger dogs. Make sure that your dog’s feeder is just big enough to fill one serving of his meal.

The Right Material. Avoid a feeding bowl that is made up of lightweight plastic as this easily tips-off and can be chewed by your dog. Don’t go for glass or ceramic either as these have the tendency to break and may cause harm.

The ideal material is a stainless steel dog bowl with rubberized bottom to give it more stability. Also, dogs will not chew steel. A heavy-weight ceramic dog bowl may also be considered if you want one with designs or color. However, take note that there is also a risk of breakage.

Elevated feeders. You may also consider getting an elevated feeder especially if you have an older dog so he can eat or drink more comfortably and without leaning. This type of feeder is also great for taller dogs with long ears so they can eat and drink without messing up or getting their ears wet.

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