The Highs and Lows of Raising a Puppy

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2 months ago, George came home with us and finally, I got my long time wish to care for a dog . I knew from the start that it will not be easy, that there will be challenges, that I will have more chores to do, that having a dog is a BIG responsiblity.

Now that George is here, I had to go back to everything I researched about dog training. Obviously, actual dog training is a whole different thing from theory. It was even more difficult than I expected.

George was not exactly the easiest puppy to train. Like most puppies, he is energetic, curious, impatient, naughty, and sometimes he does things that can really try your temper. In two months, George has managed to destroy at least 6 (if i'm counting right) of our slippers, there are 2 large holes on the wall, and the kitchen counter has been badly chipped and chewed on.

I am so thankful that my husband is supportive about it and helps me out in every way he can. Although he wasn't too enthusiastic about bringing home a puppy (It's not because he does not like dogs but because we live in a small apartment where caring for a dog would not be easy.), I can see that George is starting to find a space in my hubby's good heart.  We really had the hardest time on potty and poop training. If you have a dog, I think you can understand when I say that there was a lot of cleaning up to do.

Now that he is a little over 4 months old, he has learned a few lessons: that he has to go outside to poop and that he has to SIT first before he can get what he wanted (still learning that one i guess, he keeps forgetting) .

George still needs a lot of training to learn and I'm beginning to feel that we really need the help of a professional dog trainer to teach George about good behavior. I wish there was a behavior school for dogs where we live but I don't think there is.  The only thing I'm sure of at this moment is that I don't have any regrets about having George with us.  He's our little furry, bundle of joy!

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