Tips When Shopping for Dog Clothes

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Many dog owners love to dress up their dogs in stylish outfits.  If you’re shopping for dog clothes, what important things should you consider?
 dog shirt with collar
Comfort.  It’s very important for the dog to be comfortable, relaxed, and happy when wearing a piece of clothing. If you live in a place where the temperatures can be extremely cold, clothing your dog is a great way to help them keep warm. Make sure the piece of clothing fits well, and that the texture does not make your dog feel scratchy or irritated.
Different dog breeds have varying body structures so if you want to purchase online, it’s better to see the actual piece worn or modeled by a dog of the same breed as your pooch. For instance, if you have a small dog, you may look for shops that specialize on dog apparel for small dogs.
Type.  Different styles of dog clothes are easily available such as tee-shirts, polo shirts, skirts, pajamas,  vests, sweaters, turtlenecks, jackets, etc. There are also types of clothing that are especially made for specific purposes such as reflective jackets that make it easy to spot dogs in the dark and thermal jackets for winter seasons. 

Design.  The design and color of the outfit are elements that should be considered too.  Of course, you want your dog to look great and fashionable!  However, make sure that the embellishments on a piece of clothing will not become choking hazards.
Buttons, beadwork or small decorations may fall out and the dog may accidentally choke. Simple clothing pieces can still look fabulous by matching it with accessories like scarves, bandanna, or preppy dog collars.
Budget. The price is an important factor when buying dog clothes.  There are shops that sell pet outfits and costumes at outrageously steep prices but you should be able to find comfortable, well-designed, high-quality clothes for pets at reasonable prices if you take your time to do comparison shopping.

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