How to Deal with Dog Fleas and Ticks

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Spring and summer are sure wonderful times of the year, but if you’re a dog owner, don’t forget these months are also the dreaded flea and tick seasons. Your dog can get fleas or ticks from a stray animal, or from an environment infested with the parasite. What can you do to deal with the problem?  The good thing is that they can be controlled and prevented, so it’s all about being aware and getting the right information.

What’s the Difference Between Fleas and Ticks?

Fleas and ticks are two different parasites but they often go together and attack our dear pets like dogs and cats.  Fleas are wingless insects but they’re skilled jumpers.  Ticks are arachnids and just like spiders, they have eight legs.  Fleas have a much shorter lifespan – an average of 100 days, while ticks can live anywhere from several weeks to three years [that’s how they can get so terribly big].
An adult flea can lay twenty to forty eggs per day.  A full-grown tick lays thousands of eggs at once and dies afterwards.  Fleas thrive in warm temperatures but ticks can survive even the freezing cold!
Both fleas and ticks are bloodsucking parasites that can bring diseases to their hosts.

How to Deal with Fleas and Ticks

As pet owners, we want to make sure that our animals are protected.  But how?
Pay attention to good dog grooming habits.  Regular dog grooming – bathing and combing – are essentials to keep a dog clean and parasite-free.  Use a dog shampoo, conditioner, and powder that are especially formulated control fleas and ticks. Make sure that the anti-flea and anti-tick products you’re using are safe for pets. Examine your dog’s coat, in between the toes, and inside the ears for fleas and ticks.
Once is Never Enough.  Carefully read instructions on the label to make sure that you’re using the right amount of the product.  Check how often the treatment should be repeated, and see to it that you never miss a dose.  Remember, ticks and fleas can breed rapidly so you need to be patient and consistent in your attempts to eradicate them.
Seek professional help.  Dog fleas and ticks multiply rapidly.  If you think there’s flea or tick infestation in your place or an area near your home, contact a pest specialist right away. [reference]

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