3 Ways to Help Your Dog Overcome Stress and Anxiety

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Like humans, our dear pets can experience anxiety that can affect their behavior.  As a pet owner, what can you do to help your pet overcome the stress or anxiety?  Consider these three stress management tips for pet owners:

Know the cause of anxiety.

There are many possible reasons why dogs and cats get stressed out.  It can be the presence of an unfamiliar object or another animal, loud noises, or an unfamiliar situation.  Find out what’s causing your pet to be stressed out or agitated and do something about it.  If it’s an object that’s inducing stress, get it out from your pet’s sight.  If it’s the surrounding, take your dog or cat to another area where it can feel safer, more calm.
If it’s not possible to remove your dog or change the situation, give it a place to hide like a crate or shelter, and make it as comfortable as possible by providing cushion, toys, or treats.

Don’t add up to your pet’s agitation.

A pet owner’s initial reaction might be to take it into his or her arms to cuddle it and give it assurance.  However, such action would only strengthen the fear that your dog or cat feels.  It sends out the wrong message that there is a reason to be afraid, and will only encourage panic.
The best way to react when a pet is agitated is to not to show any sign of concern.  Just treat your pet as you usually does.  Talk to it in a calm voice and praise it if it’s showing good behavior.

Try a natural stress reliever.

If agitation continues and it  seems that your pet’s anxiety is getting out of control, herbal products that offer stress relief for pets could help.  For instance, certain flower essences have a calming effect for pets, such as dogs and cats. Flower essences are commonly used on pets that are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety.
For example, giving your pet a small amount before a thunderstorm can help it to calm down. As the pet uses the product, behavioral issues should lessen or completely go away. When the pet fully overcomes anxiety, you can wean it off of the essences. Other pets like birds, horses and hamsters can also benefit from herbal anti-stress products.
It is also good news for people who have just brought home a pet or adopted a pet.  Anti-stress products can help pets get adjusted to their new surroundings more quickly. The essences are ideal for dogs and cats who show signs of separation anxiety or depression.  People who have several dogs and cats at home can also use herbal essences that promote calmness to avoid fights between pets.
You can check out such products that will help here. However, when considering products for dog anxiety, remember to do your research and make sure that the product is safe for pets.

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