Featured Dog Shop: Charlie ♥ Diesel

8:26:00 PM

It's so nice to meet fellow dog people who have such a big heart for our four-legged friendsAshleigh is the designer and owner of Charlie ♥ Diesel at Etsy.  Ashleigh shares with us how she and her husband started as volunteers for an animal shelter in their city and their desire to help homeless dogs inspired them to start a business.  She also talks about the dogs in their lives, her views on pet adoption and the joys and challenges of being a dog lover and a business owner.

How old is your shop?

We actually opened Charlie ♥ Diesel just over a month ago.

What's the inspiration behind your shop name?

It just sort of came to me. I’d been kicking around names for a while and nothing really fit. I wanted it to be really personal, but also really catchy. I was going through our other Etsy shop, Indian Summer, and I noticed the little favorites heart. And it was perfect.

Charlie and Diesel are our two young Pit Bulls. (And yes, most days, they do heart each other.) The name itself is a little awkward at first, I’ll admit, but that little heart in Charlie ♥ Diesel is just too cute to resist.

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