Getting to Know the Miniature Pinscher

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The Miniature Pinscher is a small but brave breed of dog. It sees itself as a big dog rather than a miniature one. A min pin is instinctively protective of its human and is not afraid to be aggressive. This is obvious with its loud, piercing bark.

A min pin may resemble a Doberman Pinscher (particularly min pins with black and rust coat) but this breed is not a miniature version of a Doberman. Coat colors vary from black with rust, chocolate, to red or stag red.

Miniature pinschers can grow from 10 inches to 12 inches in height and length. They have short, smooth coat so grooming is not a problem. Bathing can be done at least once a week or you can simply use a damp wash cloth for cleaning. Min pins do shed so gentle combing should be done regularly. They can get cold easily so it’s important to use lukewarm water and to wipe the coat with a dry towel right away. Make sure that his bedding is soft and warm enough, especially during cold seasons. It helps to clothe them with warm sweater as well. 

Min pins are very inquisitive and alert which is why they are known as “escape artists”. And because they are small, they can easily fit into any opening they can find and get lost. Never forget to watch your min pin and check the door whenever someone leaves the house or comes in. Min Pins move quickly, with a galloping gait. A min pin can easily slip out without your notice.

See to it that there are no small objects on the floor, the sofa or places that are within the dog’s reach to avoid accidents. A min pin may try to chew or swallow a small object which can cause him to choke.

If you have kids in the house, it’s very important to teach them how to treat a Miniature Pinscher with respect. When roughly treated or hurt, a min pin will run away and may become fearful of children. Children should be discouraged from lifting or handling min pins as wrong handling can result to injury. 

Our own Tobias is a solid red min pin with a cropped tail. For me, he looks a lot like a fawn without specks on his back. He loves to snuggle and loves to play too. The moment he sees me sit in front of the computer, he would want to be lifted so he can stay on my lap or at the back of my seat. He likes to take afternoon naps with me on the bed too!  But at night he prefers to sleep on his own bed.

Tobias is very protective of me. He doesn’t seem to want anyone to be coming near me without his consent. He does not bite but he will try to intimidate you with his bark and brave stance. He's a very sweet guy though and once you get to know him, you'll surely want to have your own min pin too.

Do you have a min pin? If yes, what can you say about your min pin?

For more information about Miniature Pinschers, visit the AKC's website.
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