Why Adopt a Pet from an Animal Rescue Shelter

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Would you like to get a pet? If yes, then you should seriously consider adopting one from an animal rescue center. Some people are afraid to adopt a pet from shelters because they think all animals there had been given up by their owners because of bad behavior. While this might be true for a few, many dogs end up in shelters to no fault of their own. 

Here are common reasons why dogs are abandoned: 

The owner cannot take care of the dog anymore due to time and financial issues.
The original owner has fallen ill, has been taken into a nursing home or has died.
A couple gets divorced and no one wants to keep the dog.
A couple welcomes the arrival of a child and the dog is no longer wanted.
The owner leaves for another country or moves to a new apartment that does not allow pets. 

Some dogs ended up in shelters because they were lost.
Many dogs who have been victims of puppy mills end up in shelters because they cannot be sold. 

Dogs from Shelters Are Ready for a New Home

It’s important to understand that animal rescue organizations have special programs that provide training (socialization, housebreaking, etc) to make sure that the dog you choose is fit for adoption. Dogs who have been abandoned and neglected just need some time and loving discipline to recover. 

Indeed, rescued dogs turn out to be the most loving, loyal pets to their owners. And if this is not enough, here are more reasons why you should consider pet adoption: 

Less training is needed. Buying a puppy actually involves a lot more training than adopting a grown-up pet from a rescue home. As mentioned, animal shelter organizations evaluate these animals and give them the training they need to prepare them for their new home. Of course, this doesn’t mean they will not need additional training when they come home with you, but it would easier than starting from scratch. 

Build a stronger bond. Rescued dogs turn out to be the most affectionate, most loyal dogs a person can ever have. A dog is a social animal; he is a pack animal who wants to belong and if he finds that sense of belonging in your home, you can be sure that the dog will remain loyal to you until the end. 

Adopting is cheaper. Rescued dogs have been spayed or neutered, they have been given shots, they have been physically checked for health problems by vets from the shelter. You may need to give a  donation or a minimal fee when you adopt but the cost is far cheaper than buying a puppy from a pet store. The fee is needed so that animal rescue organizations can continue with their mission- rescuing dogs who need help. 

You know the dog’s personality. Dogs at shelters have stayed at foster homes or have been evaluated so you can learn about the dog’s background and personality before you adopt to make sure that this pet will fit with your lifestyle. 

You save a dog’s life. Of course, when you adopt a dog from a shelter, you will be saving this dog’s life and you will be giving him the loving home he deserves. 

In the Philippines, you can adopt a pet (dog or cat) from PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society). Please check this page if you are interested in adopting. The animals of PAWS have been neutered/spayed, vaccinated against rabies, groomed and dewormed.  Owners of adopted pets are also entitled to  free basic obedience training, free veterinary consultations and discounts on clinic services at PARC (PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center).  

You can also be a volunteer for PAWS to help them with the operations. Please check out this page if you are interested to become a volunteer.


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