Are You Ready to Be a Dog Owner?

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Some years ago, a friend asked me in his email what breed of dog I want because he intended to send me one. I replied that any breed would do. BIG MISTAKE! Back then, I was only thinking that I love dogs so much that any breed will do fine. I now realize the importance of choosing a dog breed that is most compatible with my personality and lifestyle. So, are you ready to be a dog owner? Here are some things you should consider when choosing a dog:


Choosing the Right Dog Breed

Are you a morning a person? A dog's temperament and energy level varies depending on its breed. Some dog breeds are more energetic than others and they require more physical activity. If you're the type of person who jogs daily in the morning, you should definitely get a dog who can run with you.

If you're more of the adventurous type, work dogs who have really high energy would make great buddies.  On the contrary, if you have full time work, choose your dog very carefully. Some dogs get very lonely when left alone. If you can't walk your dog on a daily basis, choose a small breed so that it can at least get a daily dose of exercise while indoors.

Consider Dog Adoption

Where should you get your dog? Don't forget to pay a visit to your nearest rescue center and see what types of dog they have. Adopting a dog from a shelter may take time. It's important to know the dog's history before adopting one. Some of these dogs may have had behavioral issues that needs to be properly addressed. Animal adoption centers do offer basic training for rescued dogs. If you are ready to care for a dog, it would mean a lot for these loyal human friends in shelters to finally find a loving, forever home.

Being a Dog Owner Is A Commitment

Be realistic. Don't get a dog just because you think it's cute to have one around. Seriously consider if you can live up to the commitment. If you really do not have the time and the resources to take care of a dog, you may need to wait until you're ready.

Too many dogs have ended up in the pound or were abandoned because their humans initially thought they were prepared for the responsibilities of having a pet when they're not. Having a dog with a behavioral issue is not a justifiable reason to just get rid of it, especially without making sure that you have done all possible solutions to help your dog.  Giving up a dog is sad but at least see to it that the poor animal will have a good home.

Being a dog owner is a serious responsibility and when problems arise, you must be there for your dog in the same way it will never abandon you.

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