Do Dogs Dream Too?

7:34:00 AM

Watch a dog sleep and you may notice that occasionally its eyes or legs twitch. Is it dreaming? Despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that dogs dream, there’s really no reason to believe that they don’t.

Sleeping Dog

Do dogs dream?

In fact, when dogs sleep they also go through the two stages of sleep- the rapid eye movement (REM) and the slow wave sleep (SWS)- as humans do.

Just like in people, the REM is the deeper sleep and during this stage, the body completely relaxes, while the unconscious mind becomes active. This is the point where the eyes move rapidly, thus the term REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

On average, an adult dog spends about ten to twelve percent of its sleep time in the REM stage while younger dogs and puppies spend more of their sleep time in the REM mode. It is possible that dogs can see images or "dreams" in their REM sleep although they are not able to tell us about these dreams when they wake up.

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