How to Make Your Home Dog-friendly

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Every pet lover should be concerned about making his home as safe and as friendly for both people and pets. If you have a dog, here are some tips on how you can create a comfortable space for your dog and your family:

Choose durable furniture. Choose furniture and fixtures that are made out of durable materials. For example, leather is a suitable fabric for seats and table covers because they don’t stain, they’re easy to clean, and they hold up well to scratches (Check out dog trade show exhibits for a variety of dog-friendly furniture, seats, and table top display choices). Stay away from carpets and rugs especially if you have large, long-haired dogs that shed a lot.

Give your dog some space. If possible, think about giving your dog his own special room. This way, you can train your dog about his boundaries inside the house, where he can stay and which rooms are off-limits.  

For your dog's room, don’t forget to consider grooming. A tiled room where you can bath your dog and wash off the floor with water would be great! Don’t forget to add built-in cabinets that are out your dog’s reach where you can keep all dog supplies and accessories. Add a comfortable bed or a couch where your dog can lounge around and of course, dog toys are also a must!

Schedule regular cleaning. A dog lover should also know the importance of regular cleaning. Potty train your dog to make things easier for you. If you have puppies, clean up their mess immediately to get rid of the stain and odor. A clean environment for both you and your dog would certainly make life a breeze.

Don't leave kids and dogs unattended. Even if your dog is well-trained, it still isn't advisable to leave young children playing with dogs on their own. Dogs can have mood swings at unexpected moments, or a child may unwittingly hurt the dog which can cause it to startle and bite in self-defense.

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