Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Leash

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Every dog owner knows the importance of the leash and collar. What  important things must you consider when choosing a dog leash?

Type of Leash. Standard dog leashes are usually 6 ft. in length and are great for walking your pets. For dog training, a retractable leash which can be extended up to 25 to 30 feet is advisable.

Material. Leashes can be made from different materials such as cloth, nylon, leather, and chain. Most professional dog trainers discourage chain leashes because they can easily cause injuries on you or your dog. Nylon is an inexpensive and versatile leash material which can be used for walking and training dogs. Leather is stronger and more durable but it may not be the best leash material for dogs who love the water.

Size. How wide or how long your dog leash should be depends on how big your dog is. Larger dogs may need a wider leash for more control and protection.

Ornamental Leashes? Some dog leashes are embellished with fur, rhinestones, beads, studs, etc. However, bear in mind that if these embellishments come off, they can cause your dog to choke so a plain, simple, durable leash may be best.

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