How to Teach Your Dog to Sit and Stay

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Dogs and puppies are playful creatures. They love to bounce, jump, run and move around. But sometimes, you need for your dog to just sit still and not go anywhere.

The Sit and Stay command is one of the basic and most important commands that all dogs must learn. Obeying these simple commands isn’t just for your safety but for your dog's safety as well.

How can you train your pet to sit and stay? Here are some tips:

Teaching Your Dog the SIT Command
Prepare small treats in your pocket. Hold a nibble in front of your dog and slowly raise your hand until it’s out of reach. Your dog should naturally take a sitting position (with its rear body lower to the ground). As he takes this position, say the command (“SIT”) once, before letting him have the treat.

You can also tap your pet and gently lower his rear body to the ground. Say the command SIT as he takes the sitting position.

If he’s done correctly, give him a treat and praise him for a job well done. Remember to say the command only once, as your dog should learn to obey your voice immediately and not only after several repetitions.

Teach him to recognize what the command means from all four directions (front, right, left, back). This way, whenever he hears the word “Sit”, he will do so whether he’s standing in front, back or beside you.

Conduct short but regular training sessions. Introduce the command several times each day to help your dog understand and remember. As soon as your dog learns to “Sit” and obeys even without the treat, you can move on to the next step.

Teaching Your Dog the STAY Command
First, let your dog stand beside you and take the Sit position. With your left palm in front of your dog, say the command “STAY” in a clear and firm voice. Take two steps forward and see if your dog is staying put. If he is, praise him.

Repeat the command “Stay” and take another two steps. Face your dog and see if he’s still staying put. If he is, praise him again. Do the same steps several times.

If you’re dog is staying perfectly still, praise him and walk over to him. Give him a treat while he’s in the Stay position. Afterwards, allow him to relax and move.

Repeat the Stay lesson over the next few weeks, slowly increasing the length of time the dog must Stay still. If he walks or moves, lead him to the starting position and start the lesson from the beginning. Don’t try to rush with each lesson. Allow him to learn at his own phase.

As soon as your dog recognizes the Stay command, practice by saying the command several times a day, whatever your dog is doing. Whether he’s playing or walking, he should obey your command at all times. Furthermore, your dog should not break the Stay position until you have allowed him to move.

Be Patient!
Not all dogs learn quickly. When training a dog or a puppy, you must be very patient and consistent. Never punish or hit your pet if he’s not listening or obeying your commands.

Repetition is the key.
Always start from the beginning until your dog becomes familiar with the routine. Sooner or later, he will learn that you are the pack leader and that you’re the one calling the shots.

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