Questions from Readers: Can My Cat Get Diabetes Too?

10:09:00 PM

In response to a comment from my last post What If My Dog Has Diabetes?, this entry will be about Feline Diabetes.

Just like dogs and people, cats too can develop Diabetes Mellitus. Among cats, those who seem to be at a higher risk of developing this condition are male cats and obese cats.

The signs of Feline Diabetes are similar to that of Canine Diabetes which includes:
  • lethargy or laziness
  • excessive thirst and hunger
  • frequent urination
  • unexplained loss of weight
  • increased appetite
  • weakness in the legs
Upon check-up, a vet must conduct urinalysis and blood tests to come up with a correct diagnosis. If a cat is diagnosed to be diabetic, insulin injections may be recommended to help control the disease and avoid complications. It is good to know that with early detection, you can help your cat lead a normal life.

For more information on Feline Diabetes, check out this website.

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