How to Deal with Dog Ticks and Fleas

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Dog owners must protect their dear pets from ticks and fleas. Aside from itchiness and discomfort, these unwanted pests can bring fever, typhoid, Lyme disease and other serious dog diseases.

The worst thing about ticks and fleas is that they multiply very fast. Eggs can hatch within a week and stay hidden under your dog’s fur before you even realize that there is problem. This is why it's important to regularly check your dog's skin before or after bathing.

Prevention Is Better than Cure

Make sure that the area where your dog stays and take strolls are clean. If there are signs of infestations, using chemical sprays is the best way to exterminate these dreadful crawlers. However, make sure that your dog’s feeder and toys are safe from these chemical sprays.

What if your dog has acquired ticks and fleas? Daily inspection must be done to remove ticks and fleas from your dog’s skin.

Ask your vet for an anti-flea or anti-tick soap, powder, collar or treatment that is best and safe for your pet. Some vet may recommend natural remedies or herbal anti-flea and tick medication.

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