Your Guide to Buying a Dog House

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When buying a dog house, two important factors are priority: Comfort and Safety. The style and design may satisfy your eyes, but never compromise your dog's needs. Here is a smart guide on buying a dog house:

Consider the size of your dog. Naturally, the house should be a place where your dog feels safe and comfortable. Make sure that there is enough room inside so he/she can move in all directions conveniently. See to it that the height of the house is just right for your dog's breed.

Make sure that the material is durable. Some dog houses are made out of wood and some are made out of plastic. Wooden dog houses are ideal for a backyard setting while plastic dog houses are easy to clean and maintain. You need to decide which material is most appropriate for your dog. Make sure that the house is durable and strong enough to carry your dog's weight, especially if you have a large dog.

Consider the weather. If you live in a cold region, an insulated doghouse is what you need. Don't forget to provide a warm bedding to keep him happy. Check the roofing of the doghouse to make sure that it can stand rainy days and heavy showers. A doghouse with a raised floor is recommended because the space will allow airflow and make it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. A house with a removable roof is great for easier cleaning.

Here are some dog houses in different styles and materials that you may consider:

Barclay Indoor-Outdoor Insulated Dog House and the Chalet

Duplex Wood Dog House and Pet Mate Indigo Dog House

The Precision Outback Log Cabin Dog House and the Pet Mate Barnhome 3
by Pet Mountain

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