Green, Reusable Dog Beds from Molly Mutt

7:33:00 PM

I want to share this very cool discovery for all dog lovers which I found through MadebyGirl. It's a green and fun way to give your dear pets the comfort they deserve. What are we talking about here?

A dog duvet and sack which becomes a relaxing dog bed from Molly Mutt- an online dog bed shop. All you need to do is fill the stuff sack with your old stuff (worn out clothes, blankets, rags), cover it with the duvet and voila. . . your earth-friendly, reusable doggie bed is ready.

What's great is that everything is recyclable and washable. You can throw in everything into the laundry, including the sack, the stuffing, and the duvet to make it clean again. No need to throw in your old dog bed to the trash when it gets dirty. Check out the Molly Mutt shop to see choices of colors and designs.

Prices range from $20-$40 depending on the size plus, enjoy 10% discount on your purchase if you're a MadebyGirl reader. Drop by MadebyGirl to avail of the discount.

This is Danny the boxer- MadebyGirl's dog, enjoying great sleep in a Molly Mutt bed.

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