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Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog has officially arrived at the White House. After some controversies as to the 6-month old PWD’s origin, the Obama’s welcomed the first pooch to his new home last April 14. Apparently, Bo was a gift from Ted Kennedy (who also has 2 PWDs from Bo’s breeder) after Bo’s first owners gave him up. I’m not very familiar with this breed so I came up with this research:

Portuguese Water Dog History
Aptly named the Portuguese Water Dog, this canine breed was originally a fisherman’s dog in Portugal. Known for its strength and exceptional swimming ability (the PWD can swim all day), it was the perfect fisherman companion (to retrieve fishing nets, carry messages from the boat to shore, guard boats, and dove for fish).

Appearance: The PWD is a medium built dog. The size and height proportions range from 20-23 inches, 42 to 60 pounds for males; and 17 to 21 inches and 35 to 50 pounds for females. The body is solid, muscular and well-balanced.

PWDs have wavy or curly coat in black, brown or white (or combinations of these colors). Despite its thick coat which requires regular grooming, the Portuguese Water Dog is known to be a hypoallergenic breed, which means dog lovers with mild allergies may very well consider it for a pet.

Temperament: Portuguese Water Dogs are sound in spirit, highly intelligent, loyal and obedient. However, this breed is a very active dog, indefatigable, and energetic. These dogs are also very sociable so it’s not a good idea to leave them alone for long periods.

For more information about Portuguese Water Dogs, you may visit these websites:
Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
American Kennel Club

If you're thinking about getting a PWD, seriously consider if this dog breed is right for you.
Don't support puppy mills or buy from pet stores.
Adopt a dog from a shelter or animal rescue. Visit helping pups or

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