Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners?

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Most dog owners choose a purebred dog that have resemblance to them, this is according to the May 2005 issue of the American Psychological Society's Psychological Science journal. The study was conducted by researchers of the University of California in San Diego where judges were given photos of dogs and humans, and were asked to match each dog with his owner.

Judges were able to match 16 purebreds with their owners out of 45 pictures of dogs which includes 25 purebreds and 22 mongrels. Judges found a harder time matching mongrels to their owners. Why are they having a difficult time matching mongrels? Because mongrels or mixed breeds have more unpredictable appearances compared with purebreds.

The theory disproves claims that dog owners came to resemble their dogs after years of being together, as do with married couples. In contrast, people seem to pick a dog that "they feel" or "unconsciously think" matches their looks of personality. With a mongrel, it's a lot harder to tell how they would look like when they grow older.

According to US Scientists, there is a remarkably large number of cases where dog owners really do resemble their dog's features. For instance, big-haired people with big haired dogs, tall people with tall dogs, big people with big dogs, and so on. However, the similarity can be far more than just the more obvious physical features.

Do you look like your dog, too?

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