Do Dogs Love Too?

7:07:00 AM

Many scientists would argue the point that dogs are able to feel love. Nevertheless, for many dog lovers in the world, to say that dogs do love does not need a scientific explanation. That dogs feel love is an undeniable truth that you can only experience from building a bond with a dog of your own.

Ask anyone who has dog.  This person will tell you how much he/she feels love from a dog who does not ask for anything in return. Unconditional love- no other way to define it. It does not matter if you're grouchy on some days or sweet on others; if you're beautiful or ugly; if you're not in the mood- at any time of the day, whenever you need a friend, you can count on your dog to be there for you.

Well, maybe not to solve your problems... just to make you smile, cheer you up, make you realize that you're not alone, forget your troubles even for a moment, make you feel special. But if that isn't love, what is?

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